Prisijungimas gyventojams

Prisijungimas Gyventojams

Kindergarten in Sudervė opened its doors for the first time

Vilnius district municipality gives a lot of attention to families with small children and on purpose to create favourable conditions for them establishes educational and cultural institutions, equips entertainment places for children. Kindergarten in Sudervė started to be built in summer 2014, and just before a few days opened its door for 2 pre-primary and 1 pre-school education groups.

During the implementation of the project an extension of 550 m² to the Sudervė Marianas Zdziechovskis Basic School was built in which have settled 50 little visitors. Also, the territory was fenced, autonomous geothermal boiler-house was set up, as well as playground, athletic field, pedestrian paths and a parking lot. The project was financed by the Vilnius District Municipality and the Association "Wspólnota Polska". It’s value - 1.5 million. euros.

Vilnius District Municipality for the past ten years has built 6 new kindergartens: in Nemenčinė t., Lavoriškės, Mickūnai, Rudamina, Avižieniai and Sudervė.

The municipality is planning further development of kindergartens in the district - soon will begin the kindergarten construction in Riešė village. It is intended to reconstruct the unusable kindergarten building and adjust it to the needs of the children. Price of the construction works is 470 thousand. euros.

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