Students from Vilnius district now have three new yellow school buses

Improving the quality of school students education, creating favorable conditions for learning and forming a safe environment, are among the most important goals of the educational system of the Vilnius district municipality. On June 29th, a Vilnius district municipal council made a decision that will allow the pupils of the Vilnius district to allocate three new yellow school buses.

According to the Council decision, even three new buses, Iveco Daily 50C15 M2 and two Volkswagen Crafter will be handed over to Dūkštai Primary School, Marijampolio Meilės Lukšienės and Rudaminos Ferdinando Ruščico gymnasiums for autonomous functions. The buses were allocated by the Education Supply Center of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania.

All school buses have 19 seats. In order to ensure greater security, alkotheters blocking start-ups are installed on buses.

Now there will be 41 school busses in the Vilnius district educational institutions, of which: 19 yellow and 22 other school buses (14 of them have been acquired by the Municipality).

According to the data provided by the Education Management Information System, the Vilnius district municipality is leading among all the Lithuanian district municipalities, as the municipality with the most school buses. From now on, each Vilnius district municipality gymnasium will have at least one bus for student attendance, which will make it even more comfortable for students not only to go to schools but also to go to different Olympiads, competitions, festivals and other events that stimulate better learning outcomes. New school buses will not only help improve pupil transport conditions, but will also ensure the safety of pupils going to school and back home.

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