9th anniversary of the Jesus Christs enthronement Act in the Vilnius District Municipality

On June 9, the ceremony of the 9th anniversary of Jesus Christs enthronement act was held in the Vilnius District Municipality. The festive event started from St. Mass in St. Archangel Rapolo Church in Vilnius, during which the Jesus Christ enthronement Act was renewed.

9 years ago, in 2009, on June 12, the event happened that has no analogue in Vilnius region. On that day, the Vilnius District Municipal Council unanimously adopted the decision to announce the act of Jesus Christs enthronement – the transfer of power to God. The idea of the act was presented by the Mayor of the Vilnius District Municipality Marija Rekst.

In her speech, Mayor emphasized that the Vilnius region has been linked with the Christianity since ancient times, which helped the district to preserve his identity until now. According to the mayor, today, as never before, humanity needs a strong support from God. The uncertainty about tomorrow, the lurking economic and financial problems, the decline of morality in society, low level of spirituality, dishonesty, the abandonment of moral things, alcoholism and drug addiction that destroys  mankind – all this helped us to realize the importance and need to adopt the idea of Jesus Christs enthronement in the Vilnius District Municipality.

The initiators of the signing of the Jesus Christs enthronement Act are the members of the LLRA-KSS Council. The church hierarchy of Lithuania was supportive of this idea. In 2009, on December 29 the municipality of Šalčininkai district followed by the example of the Vilnius district municipality and also signed Jesus Christs enthronement act.

A lot of honorary guests was attended at the celebration ceremony: the leader of the Polish election campaign-Christian Family Association, Member of the European Parliament Valdemar Tomaševski, Member of the European Parliament Urszula Krupa, Members of the Lithuanian Parliament Rita Tamošiūnienė and Česlav Olševski, member of the European Conservatives and the reformer group in the European Parliament, adviser to international affairs dr. Bogusław Rogalski, Mayor of Šalčininkai district Municipality Zdisław Palewicz, participants of the conference - Europa Christi, members of the council, priests from Vilnius district and Poland, school directors together with school youth, as well as the members of the 7th Vilnius district pilgrimage walk from Turgeliai to Maišiagala.

The mayor of the municipality has also noted that the initiative taken nine years ago is successfully continued to this day. Various religious events, competitions, pilgrimages and other events are being organized every year, thus taking care of the cultivation of Christian traditions among children and young people.


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