The approved budget of the Vilnius District Municipality in 2018 pays particular attention to improving the quality of education and living environment

The Vilnius District Municipality has begun 2018 by approving a thoroughly analyzed annual budget, which is planned in such a way that the financial sustainability and conditions of living environment of the Vilnius district will continue to be maintained and will improve.

On February 20, 2018 by decision No.22 the Council approved the budget of Vilnius District Municipality in 2018. The budget established in accordance with the laws of the local governments in Republic of Lithuania, the laws of budget structure, state budget and municipal budgets of 2018, and the rules for the formation and implementation of the state budget and municipal budgets of the Republic of Lithuania, taking into account strategic development plan the Vilnius District Municipality for 2016-2023 and the strategic plan of action for 2018-2020.

The budget of Vilnius District Municipality in 2018 amounts to 78 536.3 thousand euro and is 13.9 percent higher than in 2017 (67 606 thousand euro).

According to the state investment program for 2018-2020, 1 500 thousand euro was allocated to finance capital investment, of which 900,0 thousand euro allocated for the reconstruction of the multifunctional cultural center building Nemenčinė and 600 thousand euro - for the modernization of the K. Parczewski Gymnasium building in Nemenčinė and for the building of school hall and music schools.

It is also planned to allocate 90 406,9 thousand euro for appropriations. Particular attention is paid to the elderships. Their budget compared to the approved plan of 2017 increases by more than 35.0 percent. The municipality has devoted most of its appropriation to the reconstruction and repair of street lighting and the management of roads and settlements to create comfortable living conditions for the residents.

In order to provide more autonomy and responsibility, the status of appropriation managers will be granted to educational institutions in 2018.

Expenditure appropriations for the implementation of the eight programs:

  • Education quality and accessibility program, 44.2% (40 00.7 thousand euro);
  • A safe and clean living environment program for 16.0%. (14 478.0 thousand euro);
  • Social exclusion reduction program, 12.3% (11 177.6 thousand euro);
  • Vilnius District Municipality management program, 12.3% (11 138.3 thousand euro);
  • Culture, sport and tourism development program - 7.0%. (6 243.0 thousand euro);
  • An economic competitiveness improvement program - 4.0% (3 517.5 thousand euro);
  • The program for improving the infrastructure of transport communication and street lighting - 3.0%. (2 720.5 thousand euro);
  • The program for improving the quality of public health services - 1.2% (1 068.3 thousand euro).

During the year, the budget will be supplemented by grants from the state and European Union funds.

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