The Vilnius District Municipality signed a cooperation agreement with the Vilnius Frontier Team

On March 20, the head of the Vilnius Frontier Team from State Border Guard Service under the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania and a community official visited the Vilnius District Municipality.

In 2016, a cooperation agreement was signed between the State Border Guard Service and the Association of Local Authorities of Lithuania, in which the parties agreed to improve the quality of life of the municipalities residents by developing and implementing the activities in the areas of recreation, sport, organization of educational measures, public order, prevention of administrative misconduct and criminal acts.

On this basis, the Vilnius Frontier Team together with the Vilnius District Municipality has agreed on a plan of cooperation measures and set concrete measures to be implemented in 2018, which will help to strengthen the prevention of the person involvement in criminal activities, ensure the safety of the population and contribute to their employment. The measures provided in the plan have also been designed to encourage trust in the border authority and to provide information on the possibility of gaining a border guard profession.

On March 20 this year, the Mayor of Vilnius District Municipality Marija Rekst and the head of the Vilnius Frontier Team Virgilijus Raugalė, signed a cooperation agreement confirming this preventive plan. Both parties have committed themselves to providing assistance in organizing and conducting different events. Also, they agreed to propose new preventive measures for criminal offenses, to share good practices in projects and various events.

During the meeting, the head of the Vilnius Frontier Division and senior team member of the Vilnius team Jolita Pilinkaitė, together with the Mayor of the Municipality and the coordinator of Interinstitutional Cooperation of Vilnius District Municipal Administration Juliana Lipinska, discussed the planned educational, patriotic, promoting physical activity and recreational events in Vilnius district in 2018.

It is expected that through close and successful cooperation, social openness and activeness will be further enhanced, ensuring a safe and calm environment in the Vilnius district.


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