Vilnius Region Central Clinic celebrated 25 years of providing affordable, high-quality medical care to people. Since 1988, this Clinic has grown into healthcare delivery system that offers a variety of services and provides comprehensive health and wellness care.

Since 14 September 2012, the School of Art in Rudamina has been running a project “Rudamina Amateur Accordion Orchestra”. The project aims to promote the village of Rudamina, fostering traditions and improving conditions for amateur team work. During its implementation, the amateur accordion orchestra was established and the essential equipments were purchased. In total, the amateur orchestra has organized and participated in five great festivals: “The colors of autumn“, “Winter chords”, “Easter concert”, “Family holiday”, “Accordion orchestra parade”.

The streets of Vilnius district, M. Zdziechovskio Street and Brinkiškių Street, are being reconstructed.

The new boiler house in Rudamina will soon provide the village with centralized heating. It is 4.9 MW of power and has three automated gas boilers. This district heating system will distribute heat generated from one main boiler house via a network of insulated pipes into the village. The system is more economical to run so it is planned that it can help to save up to 15 % of heating expenses.

The regional contest of artistic reading took place in gymnasium named Stanislavo Moniusko in Kalveliai. Over 60 students from the Vilnius district took part in it. Students were divided into 3 groups according to age: up to 12 years, from 12 to 16 years and older. This is one of the most popular contests among Polish youth which helps them to learn about nation’s poetry and prose, master public speaking skills, build self confidence, and develop their creative abilities. 14 laureates from Vilnius district will be among those competing in the final contest in the House of Polish Culture on November 8. 

The festival for disabled people “Sport and We” was held in gymnasium named Ferdinando Ruščico in Rudamina on October 24.

Traditional LR Constitution exam took place in the Vilnius District Municipality in October and it had two stages.

The meeting took place in Vilnius district municipality on 21st October and was attended by administration members of the municipality and representatives of Vilnius County Fire and Rescue Board.

In order to improve the knowledge and skills of its entrepreneurship, the Vilnius District Municipality carried out the Business vector project, which was presented on 21 March 2013. The project aims to support the present and future entrepreneurs from the Vilnius district, encourage people (especially youth) to run enterprise, support their initiatives, help them to build a business and create new jobs.

The prestigious weekly-magazine 'Veidas' has analysed the quality of life in Lithuanian cities and districts for the seventh time. According to the data obtained a rating was created in which all the sixty Lithuanian governments were placed on the basis of the scores awarded. The quality of life was assessed according to 25 criteria, e.g. change in population (5 points), number of active enterprises (15 points), amount of support of the European Union per one inhabitant (5 points), percentage of renovated schools (5 points), the incidence of illnesses of population (5 points), government debt (5 points), number of pensioners per 1 thousand inhabitants (7 points). The governments of Vilnius Region performed really well this time.

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