On Thursday, March 24, Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaitė and Vilnius District Municipality mayor Marija Rekst attended Easter educational workshop in Vilnius Regional Ethnographic Museum in Nemenčinė.


On 9th February, the authorities of the Vilnius district met the manager of the basketball club 'Lietuvos Rytas' Martynas Purlys, head coach Tomas Pačėsas and two basketball players - Kšištof Lavrinovič and Adam Łapeta.

The sportsmen came to the municipality of the Vilnius district with a proposal of cooperation in promoting basketball among young people. The decision was made that the players of 'Lietuvos Rytas' will visit schools in the Vilnius district in order to meet students, talk about basketball and a successful athletic career as of March 2016.

14 students from Pagiriai Gymnasium and Paberžė “Verdenė” Gymnasium visited the municipality of the Vilnius district on the 8th January, 2016. 

Christmas season inspires to do noble and good deeds – the evidence of that is successfully implemented social project called “Children's Dreams” (Vaikų svajonės), the main idea of which is to bring joy to children in need by fulfilling their Christmas wishes.

Vilnius district municipality aims to improve the situation of schoolchildren carriage in the district, ensure a safe children’s travel from remote villages to and from the educational institutions and encourage meaningful after-school activities. Therefore, five new “Iveco Daily” school buses were purchased and distributed to schools.

Vilnius district municipality gives a lot of attention to families with small children and on purpose to create favourable conditions for them establishes educational and cultural institutions, equips entertainment places for children. Kindergarten in Sudervė started to be built in summer 2014, and just before a few days opened its door for 2 pre-primary and 1 pre-school education groups.

Vilnius District Municipality‘s suburban elderships are rapidly expanding. Young families settle willingly here, which means that people see the prospect of working and living in the Vilnius district. In order to create beneficial facilities for young families to raise small children, in Riešė (Avižienių eldership) a new kindergarten will be built. It is planned that the kindergarten will accommodate 4 children groups.

Children are the flowers of our world.

This week the Vilnius district young ones celebrated the International Day for Protection of Children, also known as Children’s Day, and were involved in various kinds of events and activities across the district.

“Juodšiliai spring” contest is an annual sports event organized in Juodšiliai eldership on the second weekend of April. The route of the duathlon ranged over picturesque hills and forest of Juodšiliai village. On 11th of April the contest celebrated its 10th anniversary.

A new, universal multifunctional centre was opened in Šumskas town in February, 2015. In one convenient location it offers not only cultural, but also educational and social services to its visitors.

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