War refugees from Ukraine can visit the Vilnius Area Ethnography Museum in Nemenčinė and its branches free of charge


Vilnius Area Ethnography Museum in Nemenčinė – an institution opens to the citizens of Ukraine. War refugees from Ukraine can visit all the expositions and exhibitions in the Museum free of charge.

The museum opened its doors in February of 2000 and has around 1,000 artefacts. It was a collective benevolent effort of the people in the region. The permanent exposition has a wide variety of Vilnius region home utensils, furniture, tools, and everyday items used in traditional crafts. The number of exhibits continues to grow as interesting artefacts from throughout Vilnius region are regularly added.

In addition to the permanent exposition, travelers are also invited to visit temporary commemorative folk art, fine art, photography, and old craft expositions. Vilnius Area Ethnography Museum’s society of photographers was founded in 2012 and is an active in organizing artistic workshops in nature.

The museum is responsible for the organization of various cultural activities. As a result, it holds frequent concerts, conferences, various educational activities for children and adults. Along with the expositions that introduce us to old wood carving, pattern cutting and other crafts, there are also ceramic and weaving workshops. Everyone can make a unique household utensil using clay or ancient weaving looms with the help of a professional.

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Contact information:

Švenčionių g. 14, Nemenčinė, Vilniaus r. LT-15168

(8 5) 237 1382, mew.vkem@gmail.com

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