Vilnius district municipality will provide a one-time cash allowance to people and their families fleeing war in Ukraine


Vilnius District Municipality will provide a one-time monetary allowance to help individuals and their families fleeing the war in Ukraine. In order to take this opportunity, individuals should contact the eldership of the place of residence and submit an application.

At the Council meeting of the Vilnius District Municipality held on 27th of April, it was unanimously decided to supplement the description of procedure of Financial social support for individuals in need. This supplement will make it possible for foreign residents fleeing the war in a foreign country and who submitted the legal documents asking for temporary refuge to receive a one-time monetary allowance until the time the temporary refuge will be granted,

To receive allowance may apply individuals which have left a foreign state due to military aggression in their state and who are residing in the Vilnius district. These individuals have to have submitted applications for temporary refuge in the Republic of Lithuania and waiting for it to be granted.

In order to receive an allowance, individuals should apply to the eldership of their place of residence (contacts of the elderships are published here) and fill out the application form provided by the eldership, indicating the reason on which the allowance should be granted to the said individual.

When submitting an application, the individual must provide a document verifying his identity (driver ‘s license and the senior ‘s certificate is appropriate) and a registration card issued by the Migration Department confirming the submission of an application for temporary refuge in the Republic of Lithuania.

The sum of the one-time monetary allowance per person amounts 105 EUR. For each subsequent family member, the additional 42 EUR are provided. The allowance is provided once and does not take into account the financial situation of the individual or a family.


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