The project "Keliauti yra atrasti – To travel is to discover" is completed. We invite you to discover Vilnius region and its creators!


Vilnius District Local Action Group (VDLAG) together with Ignalina District Local Action Group (IDLAG) and Tertitskaro LAG (Georgia) implemented the international cooperation project "Keliauti yra atrasti – To travel is to discover".

The aim of this project was to develop model tourist routes (packages) aimed at encouraging locals to undertake new, diversified, higher quality activities in line with market needs (to create, develop, improve services and products in rural areas and to collaborate with a view to increasing sales and bringing customers to their region), to increase the attractiveness of their region and to increase the tourism.

The project with its various challenges was being implemented since 2020, and ended with achieving one of the project's results – a video about the creators of Vilnius, Ignalina and Tetritskaro, who presented their activities and services with great pleasure and hospitality, most of which have been funded by the "Leader" Programme projects. The film presents tourist service routes where everyone can discover the authenticity of the region, the creators who will open the door to their homes or workshops and introduce their creations, in which they put all their heart. These are people who are dedicated to their land, who create and provide services to make their land more attractive and discoverable by travellers, because to travel is to discover.

The project involved developing and testing educational routes in all partner regions, organising trips to visit each other, getting to know the route developers and their services, sharing experiences and insights. This resulted in very beautiful, authentic service routes in each partner region – districts of Vilnius, Ignalina and Tetritskaro LAG (Georgia).

We offer and invite you to visit:

"Gingerbread of happiness" – is an entertainment venue near Vilnius in Naujoji Rėva. Hostess Regina offers educational activities such as drawing on gingerbread with food colouring and gingerbread tasting. And there's plenty to offer! Nowhere else but here will you be able to taste not only traditional gingerbread, but also gingerbread with chili peppers, hemp or even with herring!

Regina's family has also developed the only economy-class printers that can also print food-grade inks on confectionery products from gingerbread to cakes. This is a unique opportunity to visit and see and experience a lot in one place - to relax while making your own gingerbread, to enjoy the taste of the pride of Vilnius region, the gingerbread that originated here, to get to know and hear the story behind the printers, to admire the hillfort right next to the hill and the only ethnographic village in the Vilnius region - Šilėnai, where you can find one of the oldest wooden churches and cobblestone paths. If you come with your family, friends or a group, you will have a great day together with "Gingerbread of happiness" (Hostess Regina - 868689262).

Čekoniškės "seklyčia" of Easter palms and household – It is a unique place in Vilnius region, as it is here that the tradition of tying Easter palms began. It took place in the 19th century around the villages of Kriaučiūnai, Čekoniškės and Platiniškės, where to this day women continue to pass on the art of tying palms from generation to generation. In order to preserve this tradition, the Čekoniškės "Seklyčia" of Easter palms and household was established in 2000 as a gathering place for binders of Easter palms as to preserve this tradition. Janina, an ethnographer, author of the book "Easter palms of Vilnius – A Living History', a bindress of Easter palms, head of both the Čekoniškės "seklyčia" of Easter palms and household in Vilnius District, and of the folklore ensemble "Cycha Novinka", invites you to to visit Čekoniškės "seklyčia" of Easter palms and household and try palm binding yourself. It will leave an impression on everyone. (Janina – 867837529)

Interesting fact: Čekoniškės easter palm binders hold the records for the largest and smallest easter palm! The largest palm was 6.4 m., the smallest – just 6 cm.

"Vilkinė" is a homestead located by the Neris River in Buivydžiai, Vilnius District. The owner, Domas, invites visitors to his restaurant which obides by the "zero mile" and "slow food" concepts. The ingredients for the food come directly from the nearby vegetable garden or from nearby farmers. Gastronomic evenings are held in tranquillity, where visitors not only get sophisticated flavours but enjoy complete peace and quiet surrounded by nature. But the most attractive thing for people is the mead tasting offered by the host Domas. His own recipes for different types of mead will be an unforgettable experience for everyone. So when you come to Vilkinė, you will find joy not only for your palate but also for your body and soul (Domas – 860400111).

The Traditions Centre "In the circle of being" is the richest place in Vilnius District in the knowledge of Lithuanian customs, traditions, folk medicine and incantations. The hostess Rita, an ethnologist, researcher of folk medicine and magic, invites everyone to Kuprioniškės, where the city will remain somewhere far away, and another world of nature and magic will open up before you. Here you can spend a day with your family, friends or company taking part in a variety of educational activities: ceramics with plants, incense making, learning about healing herbs and making your own tea, archaic yarn weaving. This is a place where people can enrich themselves both knowledgeably and spiritually, because nature and its mysteries are an integral part of humanity (Hostess Rita – 861617575).

Houvaltas Manor is a traditional crafts centre in Maišiagala, located in the manor premises. The beautiful, exclusive environment, the large garden and the nearby castle mound give this place a special uniqueness. You can not only admire the surroundings, but also enjoy the interesting experiences offered by the craftsmen on the estate: soap making, weaving, pottery, pottery, pottery, candle making, candle making, wool spinning, carding, carving and weaving on looms (Jolanta – 867290225).

The timeframe of the project: 2020-2023.

The project is financed under the "Preparation and implementation of LAG cooperation projects" Operational Area of the "LEADER" measure of the Lithuanian Rural Development 2014-2020 Programme.

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