Representatives of municipality visited social institutions of Vilnius districts


According to the tradition, during the holiday season representatives of Vilnius district municipality have visited social institutions of Vilnius district. During the visits, representatives greeted residents and visitors of the institutions surprising them with festive gifts.

On December 29th of 2022 Representatives of the municipality were invited to the annual Christmas play and meeting with Santa at the Nemenčinė Day Employment Centre for the Disabled. The visitors of the Centre prepared a play revolving around the birth of Jesus. Cheerful event was attended by the long-awaited guest – Santa.

Representatives of the Municipality also joined Santa and did not arrive empty-handed: they handed out sweet gifts to the visitors and staff of the Day Employment Centre and thanked them for the cozy atmosphere they create every year, which keeps the warmth in their hearts.

"Christmas is a magical time. My gratitude goes to the staff and visitors for creating this wonderful and warm environment. I wish you a prosperous and peaceful year and may every day be filled with joy and positivity," said Deputy Mayor Teresa Demeško.

On December 3rd and 4th of January Teresa Demeško, Deputy Mayor of Vilnius District Municipality, and Irena Ingelevič, Head of the Social Welfare Department, visited the Paberžės and Kuosinė Social Care Homes, where they were greeted by the staff and the residents in a warm atmosphere. The representatives of the Municipality greeted residents with sweet gifts and exchanged festive wishes.

On January 18th Deputy Mayor Teresa Demeško and Head of the Social Welfare Department Irena Ingelevič visited and brought sweet gifts to the Community Social Services Centre of Juodšiliai eldership. Here, the representatives of the Municipality had the opportunity to talk to the staff and the visitors of the Centre and discuss the future plans of the institution.

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