May our unity blossom: let’s celebrate Vyshyvanka Day together


Every third Thursday of May, Ukrainians and their friends across the globe celebrate the Vyshyvanka Day by wearing traditionally embroidered outfit. It is firmly believed among Ukrainians that vyšyvanka gives strength and takes through any calamity.

Vyshyvanka is a shirt, or a blouse embroidered with traditional Ukrainian patterns. Although similar patterns can also be found in other Slavic regions, the Ukrainian vyshyvanka stands out for its unique embroidery characteristics. Each pattern tells us the story of a family or a region.

The geometric ornaments embroidered on the shirts are seen as symbolic amulets that mobilise and give strength, so much needed in the fight for freedom. At the same time, it serves as a symbol of unity: the Vyshyvanka Day is celebrated in Canada, the United States, and many other countries with large Ukrainian communities.

Let us also celebrate the 19th of May as the day of unity that blossoms in the colours of vyshyvanka by wearing traditional Ukrainian clothes at work, university or anywhere else so as to spread the message of support for Ukraine.

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Good to know:

  • The closest to authentic vyshyvankas is pure linen or linen with cotton.
  • For women: a wide blouse or a straight dress—in both cases without a collar (round neckline, strings with tassels), baggy sleeves with a drawstring at the bottom (cuffs, drawstring, and a narrow hem).
  • Blouses are mid-hip long.
  • Dresses are straight, tied with a belt of the same material or a string.
  • For men: a shirt is with tassel strings (no buttoning on the side of the neck).

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